Leasing Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the marketing and advertising of vacancies on media/advert channels to attract potential tenants
  • Scout and identify prospective tenants looking to lease a property
  • Provide potential tenants with a tour of property or home highlighting the valuable features of the building in order to convince customers and influence lease
  • Run background checks on potential tenants to evaluate their credit status and records to determine if they are eligible occupy a building
  • Maintain contact with lessees during their tenancy period to oversee their welfare and help resolve property issues
  • Oversee the processing and approval of client applications and lease documents
  • Elaborate the terms of lease, rental rate and period of payment to tenants
  • Guide the activities and operations of a leasing team to ensure revenue goals are achieved
  • Organize meetings during which leasing operations are discussed to identify solutions necessary for achieving occupancy targets
  • Oversee the hiring and on-the-job training of leasing recruits to bring them up-to-speed on work activities.
  • Conduct survey of the property market to obtain information on competing lease rates and other trends that affect occupancy/rent.
  • Supervise campaign activities for the publicity of properties available for lease.
  • Oversee the designation of leasing staff to appropriate territories.
  • Ensure the proper documentation and storage of leasing files.
  • Develop and implement policies necessary for improving the profitability and efficiency of a leasing department.

Job Requirements:

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or real estate. Experience (about 4 years) in the field property management is also necessary for this position

Communication Skills: Well versed in communicating with potential tenants to identify their requirements and convince them to rent a property

Customer Service Skills: Exercise appropriate customer care attitude and decorum when conducting leasing operations

Organizational Skills: Effectively organizing the operations of a leasing department to maximize profit and work efficiency.

Contact Information: HR Department
Email Address: hr@nakigroup.com

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